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Here you can find out more about the candidates we have trained and a little more about how it can help you secure a position as an FCA regulated stockbroker within the city of London.

Matthew Walker's Experience With Us

Will Rostand Found A Role Within 14 Days Of Training

Will Rostand  – One of our mentees explains how the London Stockbroker CourseTraining Mentorship helped him secure a position with a direct employer of his choice within 14 days! 

A Big Thank You To Junior-Broker.Com For The Article!

Stockbroker Course Article


Stockbroker Course London Broker Training

London Broker Training is our most popular course which allows on demand training from the comfort of your own home. A mix of all types of broker experiences to learn from.

 6 Modules 1 Role Play Recording Call

Stockbroker Course

Our Stockbroker Course only offers modules pertaining to financial sales. Perfect for students who want to learn only about commodity brokers and stockbrokers

  4 Modules 1 Role Play Recording Call 

New London Broker Black Account Stockbroker Course

The Black Account is a bespoke package of stock broker course training as well as profile creation on CV documents and sales training. Speak to your Headhunter/recruiter for more information

   20 Modules 4 Role Play Recording Calls  

Hedge Fund Stockbroker Course

Want to learn how the business development professionals close deals at the top level? The Hedge Fund Stockbroker Course comprises of closing calls to teach you from the best

 6 Modules 1 Role Play Recording Call

London broker 2 weeks Course Stockbroker Course

Our 2 Weeks Course will have a detailed plan to build you up for 2 recordings of 2 detailed products.


10 Modules 2 Role Play Recording Calls  

London broker 1 month stockbroker Course

 Our 4 Weeks Stockbroker Course will have a detailed plan to build you up for 4 recordings of 4 detailed products.

    20 Modules 4 Role Play Recording Calls   

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