Welcome to our mentorship podcast page! Here you will find some of  our past and current candidates who we have helped with our online  mentorship the “London Broker Mentorship” each podcast is between 5-10  mins. Our candidates cover their motivation behind wanting to become a  broker and a little more information about their current roles and  interview experience with our clients. 

Leon Williamson Podcast

Leon Williamson  - A succesful placement and an interesting story! listen to Leon's  story as he embarked on his job hunt to find a junior broker role within  the city of London with the help of our London Broker Training  Mentorship 

Adam Demetri Podcast

Adam Demetri  – One of our mentees goes into detail of his experience within an FCA  regulated role! currently cold calling 400 leads per day. Adam goes into  detail about how the mentorship helped him get to this position 

Joshua Davis Podcast

Joshua Davis – One of our mentees talks about his experience with the London Broker Training Mentorship and how his confidence has improved! 

Harry Cowling Podcast

Harry Cowling – Talks about how the London Broker Mentorship has helped  him with his confidence, he was a referral from a friend who we placed  within 2 – 3 weeks of coaching him. 

Will Rostand Podcast

Will Rostand – One of our mentees explains how the  London Broker Training Mentorship helped him secure a position with a  direct employer of his choice!