What You Get...

We Guarantee Volume

We will guarantee between 20 - 40 applicants per month to choose from

Trained Candidates

  Candidates will undergo training on their own time with our platform 

80% Savings On Recruitment

 On average our clients save 80% on their recruitment process  

We Spend On Marketing

 We spend on marketing so you don’t have to and our fee is dictated purely on time saved for you

Flexible On Your Shedule

Purely on your schedule, we can send 5 candidates every Thursday or pepper throughout week 

Rolling Contracts

 No contracts to tie you down, pro rata membership  

London Broker Mentorship



  Our candidates learn how to pitch commodities and open up calls from a junior brokers perspective 

Pre-IPO Stocks


  Qualifying clients with open questions to test liquidity levels



 How to generate interest when dealing with C level prospects which can be transferred to an open call 

Private Jets


How to explain complex products in a short amount of time to a prospect on the phone

Hedge Fund


How to qualify a higher net worth client and keep interest throughout open 



Go into a soft close and contract close for senior member of staff on 2nd call 

Extra Training

Recorded Pitch


Our candidates record a short 2-3min pitch of one of the modules 

Virtual Interview


Our candidates undergo a virtual interview so you have a chance to hear how they can fit in your business 

Extra Broker Training


We give them extra training post placement and check in to see how they’re getting on