7 Day New Graduate Course


7 days access to our ‘New London Sales Formula’ and an opportunity to represent our brand and expose yourself to business leaders and professionals within a range of fields. Open up new deals and follow up on basic contracts as well as strike up new business relationships which can be added onto your CV / Profile


7 Days Interactive Course


7 days of interactive eLearning from a tried and tested source which shows you how business development works in 2019.

Leverage Your Experience


Use this experience on your CV to show every level of employer how valuable you are and can be in any organization 

Learn B2B Skills


Business to business selling is the highest level of sales in the modern world from forex to headhunting here you will learn to excel in any career 

Have Contact With C Level


CEO, CFO and COO prospects pay the most and are the hardest to sell to, here we show you how to get your foot in the door 

Learn How To Close A Deal


Learn how to get the deal done using follow up as well as consultative closing

Transferable Biz Dev-Experience


We will show how you can use 3 simple sentences showcasing your experience from this in any vertical field of business development 

Course Achievements

C Level Contact

Have a phone call contact with a CEO / COO and or CFO – ‘I have had a contact call with a C level member of staff’

Gate Keeper Pass

Get passed a gatekeeper to be able to pitch a decision maker ‘I have ethically got through a secretary / PA to then pitch the decision maker’

Contract Close

Get through a full contract pitch ‘I was able to close a contract on a contingent basis or retained search’

PSL Close

Get on a preferred supplier list with a small medium and or large business 'I closed a PSL deal'

Industry Fill

Get an ‘Industry Fill’ close within 1 phone call after getting past a gatekeeper

Appointment Set Up

Open a deal for a senior member of staff