Curriculum Vitae

 Curriculum vitae is a Latin term that literally means "the course of life".  Your CV is a means of providing targeted information about yourself. It is your first opportunity to make a good impression. ... When writing a  CV, it is important to bear in mind that you need to display why you  are a great investment for a future employer and how the ROI (return on  investment) will be worthwhile for them. 

Our Advice

Opening Profile

Original profile that pertains to the job itself, no generic phrases  such as “hard working” and “motivated” mentioning a clear mission statement of who you are and where you are going. The opening profile is  your chance to sell the future employer to read on and get you in for a  potential interview

Employment History

A detailed paragraph of all the jobs you have undertaken with an  emphasis on buzzwords used to sell the employer on why you are the  person for the job. Why you joined the position in the first place, what  you brought to the position and the reason for leaving. A detailed bullet point summary of each position again using buzzwords to pertain to the new position in question.


Key Skills

A list of skills that pertain to the job that differentiate you from the  competition, again no generic statements purely original selling points  on why you are the person for the job. Between 3 – 7 points will  suffice. 


At the end of the CV a conclusion paragraph is placed to re sell you to  the specific sector / position you have applied for. Again with the use  of buzzwords and industry phrases to paint you in a good light. 

Sales Style

A detailed summary of the type of salesperson you are. Dependant on the  type of position you have or are applying for we write a detailed  summary of the type of sales person you are dependent on your experience  of past employment. 

Prospecting Style

How you open / prospect business. A detailed summary of your last  prospect open and how you see your style evolving dependant on the  environment. 

Our Services



A bonus service New London offers is a  bespoke coaching service undertaken by the senior recruiters &  head-hunters who have face time with some of our most distinguished  clientele. We believe in a more authentic approach when it comes to  displaying your skillset.

We have 2 types of services available: 1) Singular 2) Package 

CV Creation Price List

New London HR CV Creation Price List (pdf)


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