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New London Corporation Ltd (Company Registration no. 8830276)  65 Sloane Street London SW1X 9SH is the trading name of the New London brand that was started in 2013 in  the City of London with an aim of acquiring and running sales/marketing  companies that provide an ethical and strong service to its clientele. We always aim to be a dominant force with any industry within the sector of recruitment, sales and marketing

Journey So far...



New  London HR was born, the aim of the company was to introduce financial  sales professionals to new and unique opportunities to companies who had  a range of different products within the AIM markets.  Utilising a quick qualification process for candidates and a detailed  spec extraction from clients allowed us to act with speed and efficiency  when sourcing and placing talent.


New London HR starts introducing its services into FCA regulated brokerages within the city and Canary wharf dealing with Junior Broker and CF30 placements  with the same streamlined approach as with the alternative scene, here  the business development style took a more detailed consultative  approach to qualification with candidates due to more specific search  mandates from larger commercial clients.


New London HR expands its team to tackle C level and technology placements within its remit by creating New London IT and New London Executive  to allow remote access staff to tackle higher appointments with a  success fee structure to existing clients who have had past dealings as  well as present ourselves as fully managed service. We also started to  create relationships with training course companies to increase market  value of candidates we represent


New  London HR extends into the business development and the account  management sphere of recruiting into luxury business development roles  in areas like aviation and yacht brokering  to attract high calibre candidates. We also solidified our grip on the  broker market as we started charging a retained fee on all of our  business in business development and created an online training platform  called the “London Broker Training” which was used to train candidates up from the comfort of their own home as well as from their smart phones.


New London HR aims to have its best year yet  by increasing the quality of it’s work astronomically by improving  company culture by hiring staff from the field of financial sales to  head up business development as well as increase our market reach. Our  “London Broker Mentorship” mentored 500 trainees in 2017  who were then introduced to our client base as junior-experienced  staff. This has allowed us to majorly automate our broker recruitment  business and allowed us to hire more staff to source more business  development opportunities. We also took an interest into human resources recruitment within the base of existing clients and newer opportunities alike.


New  London HR targets 100% growth for 2018 with a view to maintain our  automated business model. We are aiming to train over 1000 students on  our “London Broker Training” platform this year as well as take a more  serious position into the human resources recruitment for newer clients  specifically aiming at the financial services and law sector but with a  view to replicate same success from financial services clients.


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